Automated Crypto System, what is it ?

Automated Crypto System or ACS is a new manual or automated Forex, Bitcoin and other crypto currency software.

The Automated Crypto System apparently delivers signals every minute there are 12 cryptocurrencies to choose from and 17 Forex pairs to trade with, the software works 5 days out of the 7, due to the markets closure during the weekend, however cryptocurrencies will still be available.

Automated Crypto System (ACS) is easy to use and very suitable for novice traders due to all the automated processing that is included in the system itself, its actually very exciting to see a software that is actually worth our time.

The Automated Crypto System claims to do all the work for you, it reads charts 24/7 and considers the fundamental situation on the market, the software itself is managed by trading experts so if something drastic happens in the fundamental sector the software will be able to take advantage of the current financial situation of a Forex pair or cryptocurrency.

However, if you are like me you will probably want to use their manual trading feature that is also available, you can choose which indicators you want the Automated Crypto System to use such as : CCI, RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Williams, Trend Following, Fibonacci retracements and extinctions.

While also choosing one of 3 main strategies called Classing / Martingale & fibonnaci, these strategies are proven to make a lot of money in a short period of time and compete with other trading platforms on the market claiming to make high returns.

Due to the fact the Automated Crypto System has a lot of Forex and Crypto pairs 29 in total there will be a lot of trading setups available every day, which will lead to more money.

Automated Crypto System Interface

The interface looks super friendly and easy to operate for beginners, very easy to learn and get used to quickly, so I doubt members of Automated Crypto System will have any issues running the software by themselves.

The Automated Crypto Software is actually available on your phone, so if you are in a hurry or have a busy lifestyle you can always check on how your trades are doing, while working, shopping or watching a movie with your second half.

Automated Crypto System SCAM OR NOT ?

I had a good look at Automated Crypto System and it seems very legitimate, I will personally make a deposit and videos around this software to see how it performs and what results I manage to get, so stay tuned, but for now lets go back why I think its not a scam.

So, the website does not promote any “selling dream marketing strategies” what I mean by that is there are no rubbish numbers that you will be a millionaire in a instant or you will become a millionaire in general with this software, however it does not say you could not as well.

Its trading its being real with you guys, the software promises good in the money ratio, however its not indestructible and you may lose money, however if you manage your capital correctly you will day by day make money and eventually once you build up your capital you could make enough to quit your job or just take a nice vacation.

There are also no fake count down timers to push in to register for the software etc, usually for me that is a clear indicator that its a scam, when a system is pushing people to deposit or register, a software that is unique and legitimate does not need that, it will gain their traffic organically, because of their good reputation to make people money.

Another indicator is on the website we cannot see fake results shown or some stock photos of people claiming they are the CEO’s of Automated Crypto System, if this would not be the case I could guarantee you that its just another scam, however it seems like they are different and unique.

Automated Crypto System No Shady Brokers

So the Automated Crypto System does not use any shady brokers, its actually associated with one of the popular brokers which definitely adds transparency in my book, a company such as would never work with a system that would not be legitimate, because in essence it would hurt their reputation more then the actual Automated Crypto System, since they have been around for so long.

I believe having proper brokers in the Automated Crypto System will boost, peoples confidence in to investing in this software and the Automated Crypto System will become popular very quickly.

Automated Crypto System Is Free To Join

At the moment the Automated Crypto System is free to join, however I believe in the near future it might not be since, its working with regulated reputable brokers

and once people start making a lot of money, the software will probably decide to charge people for using this system, but this is just my own opinion, but its definitely logical so I would not be surprised if that happens.

To prevent paying I recommend you guys registering now so you could be one of the first people to gain money and use this opportunity while its still available, we do not get a lot of opportunities like this on the internet, so I myself will jump on Automated Crypto System, I believe you should too.

Automated Crypto System Extra Features & Support

The Automated Crypto System has implemented a online live economic calendar where you can follow and trade with big financial events or avoid trading around that time.

The software itself has live charts available for you to view and analyse if you are trading manually, while also using other widgets to make your trading experience easy and comfortable.

Education material is also provided so you can learn how to trade properly without the software, although I don’t recommend that, because its super helpful and makes money for you, but trading is a good skill to learn or at least know a little about the Forex market so you are not total newbie to begin with.

Automated Crypto System has reliable customer support including consultation with professional traders right after registration. They will provide all the directions you may need, and hold your hand until you are successful.

Automated Crypto System Results

If people are interested in me trading with the Automated Crypto System, you can subscribe to my YouTube Channel: Click Here

I’ll be making a videos on how to register properly, how to trade, what techniques I use and how my withdrawals are processed.

Final Verdict

Automated Crypto System (ACS) LEGIT SOFTWARE

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