Copy Soros Review – Copy Soros is a Forex trading platform that claims to accurately predict the direction of various global assets, thereby allowing members to make money through the Foreign Exchange markers with ease.

It sounds great, but is this a legit software? Well listening to Copy Soros intro video it explains where the idea “Copy Soros” came from. The idea developed from a highly respected member in investment business called George Soros. He is a multi billionaire investor and the members of the new company Copy Soros have copied all his tricks in the book.

This allows us to believe that we will be trading like the smart ones in the world with this awesome new looking Forex trading software. I personally believe we won’t become multi-billionaires anytime soon, since George Soros is trading with huge amounts of capital, however I still believe we should try out Copy Soros and see what the hype is all about.

How Does It Work Work?

Copy Soros works by using the newest algorithms to establish whether a trend is bullish or bearish, it also follows real time fundamental news events, depending on the news volatility it will either not allow you to trade, or give you reasons why you should place a trade immediately.

Its pretty damn cool when you think about it, it does all the work for you and especially if you are a newbie Forex trader it will be very easy to understand and navigate around the Copy Soros dashboard.

I am not geek when it comes to technology, but I believe this software is one of the best we have seen this year, the video promotion is great, the interface is nice and neat, while also maintaining a level of simplicity for beginner traders.

Another awesome feature is that it does everything for you, you do not need to be a Forex trading genius to place trades and make money with this Copy Soros App. It automatically calculates your risk profile, your invested capital and gives you trades according to your cash capital, market conditions and fundamental events.

This just shows how innovative the people behind Copy Soros are and what we can expect in the near futures with lots of updates. They plan to become one of the best trading software’s in 2020 so hopefully this happens and people finally can find a easy way to make themselves a second income.

Copy Soros Review

Does Copy Soros Have Regulated Brokers?

Copy Soros seems to be working with regulated brokers all around the world. We have tried using a VPN just to test what brokers people get around the globe, and all of them were regulated by some sort of governing body. This shows that the network of people they are working with are legitimate.

Copy Soros working with good regulated brokers is a great feature which protects the users account balance and also gives them a nice experience when trading with such trading software.

What Is The Minimum Deposit ?

To activate the Copy Soros Forex trading system, you need to invest a minimum of $250, but I would personally recommend more for better leverage and margin levels, starting out with the bare minimum is never great when investing.

Most people that I talk to start out with $500+ just to get their foot in the door and in case there are losing trades from the gecko you have the margin and leverage to recover the losses and start making profits, since we all know that there is no 100% win rate trading software.

Copy Soros Support Page

Copy Soros claims to have a 24/7 support with people behind the computer ready to answer any of your questions or concerns, although I did not test this feature I believe they are right, since looking at the trading software it seems very professional.

The interface is very clean and all their terms and conditions make sense not like some of the random trading software’s we have reviewed in the past. Copy Soros also plans to establish a live chat service so its easier to connect rather then using a email address, but this will come in due time.

Other Awesome Features For Copy Soros

Not only does Copy Soros have great news articles implemented in the system that acts and reanalyses each signal depending on the strength of the currency. It also has confirmed signals and a lot of signal details.

It shows what indicators are actually being used to determine the decision of the market, it also shows the price levels that the market will likely react to. The algorithm understands price action and analyses each time frame accordingly, so whatever trade you will be trying to place it will know when to enter and exit.

It also has a nice tab showing what news events are currently being analysed, which is a great feature and I can’t wait to test it with my own videos. I’ll be making videos on YouTube trading this system and showing you guys whether it performs how the beta testers of the software are saying it does.

Features That Copy Soros Does Not Have

Some of the features Copy Soros is planning to implement, but currently does not have is metatrader4 AI, meaning you do not need to place trades web based it will all be done on your phone app or computer program, which will improve performance and generally all Forex traders love MT4 app anyway, so trading Forex and collaborating with Copy Soros would potentially make a great combination to make money.

Copy Soros Is It Mobile Friendly

Yes, copy soros trading up is fully mobile friendly, I would even argue that it looks better on the mobile the desktop PC, but this is only my personal opinion. You can trade Copy Soros while you are at work, it does not take long to place trades, I would say around 5-10 minutes a day is enough to place trades and see in a couple of days what Copy Soros results are.

Since this is automated Forex trading I believe leaving the trades alone and moving on with your day is best, you need to let the app do the work for you, that is the main purpose of the app, simplicity and time saving is key with the trading software, so if you want to try it out I believe you need to place a couple of trades and come back in a day or two to check the outcome.

Copy Soros Review Conclusion

Copy Soros is a new Forex trading software, which had people beta testing the software. The results were positive so I expect nothing, but the best outcome from this software, I will definitely update this blog article with my own YouTube videos below and show you guys what results did I personally manage to get.

I believe Copy Soros is a good trading software and I rank it as a high performing software, since it uses features that nobody has yet seen before, this shows they have innovation and eventually become a big name in investing industry.

If you want to join Copy Soros make sure to register under my link down below, I will then be able to support you guys as much as I can. If you have any problems or issues make sure to contact me though my email address.