What is Crypto Source Ltd ?

Crypto Source Ltd is a high yield investment program that currently provides mining services digital currencies such as : Bitcoin and Ethereum the company also promises that you will make a hefty 11,000% a year which is totally insane in my opinion, but more about that a little later.

So, this is where it gets funny and interesting, so we looked at their about us page, and they are telling their investors or clients I should say that they are totally transparent with their business, however by them saying that there is literally nothing transparent in their business, they are not showing their company CEO or who is involved in their company, there are no names, photos or anything to prove and back their bold statements up, there is nothing solid and a lot of fluff talk just to make you believe this company is doing well and it will make you money, however more then likely that is not the case and they are looking for victims to invest and scam them.

Crypto Source Ltd Investment Plans

crypto source scam reviewLooking at their investment plans it is clear to see that Crypto Source Ltd is not a serious business.

A return of 11,000% in a year is totally over exaggerated and even the biggest and best companies all around the world don’t come close to what these guys are offering. Especially since the only thing the investor has to do is just invest the money, nothing else, he/she does not need any knowledge around the trading niche which obviously sounds too good to be true, and it definitely is.

If people could get away with making such percentages without doing anything, people around the world would literally stop working and eventually there would be nobody in the world to do 9-5 jobs or any typical job that people have, which would cause the economy to fall and money would not mean so much anymore, because everybody would have a lot of it, it would become worthless hence why I do not think there is a slim chance that this company is actually paying out real investors that deposit thousands of dollars, however it is a high yield investment program, and maybe they withdraw small amounts of money, because they want to “prove” their legitimacy and make investors think they are legitimate however, once a investor trusts crypto source ltd and deposits a huge sum of money, that is when the developers of crypto source will just ban, block or get rid of you and you will never see your money again, sadly that is how these schemes work so please look out for them.

Crypto Source Ltd Company House Certificate

So their company house certificate is actually valid and legal in the United Kingdom.

However, this does not mean that the website is not a absolute scam, if you look at my previous

articles or videos I have created, you will see that most scam websites are using United Kingdom as

their main base location, this is because you can easily fraud the company house certificate with

names that don’t even exist, so businesses having a company house certificate means absolutely

nothing in United Kingdom, which leads us to believe that crypto source ltd like all the scammers

are using the same technique and trying to trick people in to this ponzi scheme.

Crypto Source Ltd About Us

So most of their about us page is total full talk and nothing more, they literally contradict themselves

They say there are companies in the market which offer great returns of percentages, however they

are not transparent and not being clear with their clients, and then Crypto Source continues to say

they are very transparent and never have such issues, however that is not the case, because if you

look at their website, there are filled with stock photos, no actual names are mentioned of the

company ceo’s and the developers behind the scheme, no partners mentioned nothing, so obviously

they are not really being transparent with their investors themselves, which leads me to ask questions

on what else they are hiding from us, and then its clear to me, I see these guys do not even have a

social media page, not even a Facebook account was created for the business, this is definitely a

alarming warning, because all successful businesses in 2018 have a Facebook page or any other social media,

them nothing having any leads me to believe they have no interest in becoming to popular, because people

would destroy their pages with negative comments.

Crypto Source Ltd Contact Us

Contacting Crypto Source Ltd is difficult, because the only way to do it is a email address, which is the main

way to scam somebody and ignore them once they make a deposit.

They also have a phone number that say’s its coming soon, however I have been doing this for way to long

to believe that, most of the scammers are using this technique to make it look like the website will eventually

have a landline of some sort, however it will never happen and it will stay “coming soon” till it runs away with

all the investors money and shuts down never to be seen again, sad truth but its a fact.


So looking at everything Crypto Source Ltd has to offer its clear to see that they are not serious around their

business, their investment plans are over exaggerated and unsustainable to be running for long term.

They do not have any social media pages, which does not add any value or transparency to the company.

Crypto Source also talk about being transparent, however there is literally nothing transparent within their

association so, they are just telling people porkies. A lot of bold statements have been made by the company

and honestly, they do not have evidence to prove any of their statements are legitimate so my final verdict

is crypto source ltd is definitely a scam and I strongly recommend to stay away from them.

Final Verdict

Crypto Source Ltd Is A SCAM