Easy Trade App What Is It ?

Easy Trade App is a simple to use trading platform developed to perform no matter who is behind the operating system, whether it will be someone with years of Forex experience or a complete newbie.

The Easy Trade App software does most of the work for you, the interface itself is super clean and user friendly so its very easy to invest and start on your journey to earning while also learning and developing your skills as a trader.

Easy Trade App is endorsed 100% by the trading community, and this is more then likely the only trading platform that properly works in 2019 as from writing this article, it has no sync, deposit, error’s at all and its all been tested by myself personally, the Easy Trade App is definitely a exciting way to start our first month of 2019 and earn some money.

The Easy Trade App is the only trading software currently using good functionalities which are based on real trading strategies such as the Fibonacci, classic, martingale and many others, the software also say’s that classic is the low risk choice to build your account while Fibonacci is mid risk, but higher reward, while the martingale is high risk high reward type of trading, which personally excites me and I can’t wait to give all of these strategies a try properly and making content regarding those strategies so stay tuned and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

The Easy Trade App has 2 main functionalities which is the automated trading application which allows investors to 1 click open trades suggested by the platform itself or you have a semi-automated feature, where you basically click on the “trade” button and get redirected to the brokers page, where everything will be set, the only thing you will need to do is click either buy or sell options and depending on the current market condition the software itself will add the take profit and stop loss levels, which is super exciting, all of these semi and automatic features can be enabled or disabled by pressing a button on the dashboard.

Easy Trade App uses 3 combinations of algorithms which are 70% fundamental based, basically scanning news and the signals will correspond with what is actually happening with the economy. The next is the fundamental filter which is basically 15% of what the software is, basically it filters out and deducts any signals that should not be there on the software if some important news comes out, which obviously will prevent users from taking bad trades. The last 15% of the software is the technical analysis side, where the software is using popular indicators such as MACD, RSI, CCI and more, the indicators help the software find the best place to enter the market.

Easy Trade App Minimum Deposit ?

Easy Trade App minimum deposit is $250 dollars, however some broker’s associated with the trading platform might accept $100 dollars, but this is NOT RECOMMENDED the amount is too small and you will probably end up losing money, but why you may ask, well because of leverage.

Just imagine you lose the first 3 trades you take, this will hurt your account and if you do not have a high enough balance it will be hard to recover from the first initial losses, of course you might get lucky and the software just makes you a ton of money then you are fine, but why would you want to risk that, invest a little bit more and trust me you will be making more money then you ever imagined, and I will be there with you showing my trades, results, withdrawal and always be there to guide you so we can all earn some money together, by the way I am investing $500 dollars to start, this was always a good starter for me.

Obviously if you guys really want to invest $100 dollars you can do if your financial situation does not allow to invest more, but doing so you need to remember that your risk is exponentially higher then the average persons that would invest for example $250-$500 dollars, this is why I strongly suggest you guys invest that tiny bit more so you could be on a safer journey and a easier path to a successful trading adventure.

The Easy Trade App Things To Know (IMPORTANT)

The easy trade app must be registered and run on google chrome browser, soon Firefox will be added, but this is because you will need to install a small free google chrome extension which will sync your account properly and will allow you to take trades on the trading platform.

This application is to prevent any sync issues that a lot of other software’s have had in the past, these guys are smart enough to make a extension and make everything work properly for everyone rather then make the app work for 50% of their audience.

This allow just show’s how much easy trade app is actually trying to be the best and probably stay the best for a good amount of time, there will be regular updates and improvements in the near future to improve and maintain the great trading experience for their clients.

Also forgot to mention there will be 170+ assets to trade and around 70+ signals throughout the day, so plenty of opportunities to make some money and learn to trade and develop as a trader, I will personally be making lots of videos for my clients and make sure everyone is having great experience, so make sure to follow me on my social medias and subscribe to my YouTube Channel.

The Easy Trade App IS IT A SCAM OR NOT ?

I looked at Easy Trade App from left right and center and it seems to me legitimate, it already has client reviews which are positive and a lot of success stories from people that have been testing the software for months now, I personally did not have the opportunity to test this software, however hearing from people that this is the software from 2019 excites me and I am definitely jumping the bandwagon.

The Easy Trade App website does not have any fake promises, unrealistic statements, results or fake actors, which is a definite good thing, this means the software developers are confident in the trading system and the software will speak for itself once people will start making a lot of money, I believe this software could become huge very quickly.

The Easy Trade App trading software has regulated brokers behind the app, which adds authority and recognition that the developers are working with the right people to make this software outstanding, transparent and valuable to the client. Having good brokers is always nice, because there are never any issues with validating your account and you can go ahead and trade safely in a trusted environment.

The current two brokers they have with the software is Investous and 24option which are both reputable and great brokers to be with, especially since its easy to withdraw money and validate your accounts properly, they take everything seriously and their regulations are on point, which just adds that tiny bit of security and reassurance that investing and trading in easy trade app is going to be a satisfying experience.

The Easy Trade App is also great, because it has professional traders behind the operating system and eventually they are planning to add features basically adding proper Forex education with them, live streaming and showing how to trade and how they actually enter and place trades, but first they wan’t to know if people are interested in this software, and if you ask me I am super excited to finally try it out and see what its made off !.

Easy Trade App Conclusion

I think that the Easy Trade App is a promising project that will make people a lot of money, it has great features that are useful to the client and great brokers to go with the software, I believe this app will stay for a while and keep generating a decent income for all the 2019. Obviously there is always new software’s coming out and eventually something better appears, however at this moment and time its definitely the best software I have seen for a while now, with the prevention of sync issues and any other major errors, and also being able to choose which broker you want to go for instead of just re-registering million of times and hoping you get the broker you want the easy trade app is definitely easy and will definitely be a huge competitor to the other software’s currently out there.

Final Verdict


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