Attention Top Forex Strategy Seekers!

“Finally! The Best Forex Strategies Professional Traders Use To Find Hidden High-Probability Trades”

What you don’t know is that most strategies available online actually pit you against the Professional Traders.

From: Jared Passey, Professional Trader & Mentor

Jared Passey, Forex Trainer & Coach

Dear Experienced Forex Trader,

If you’re like me, you have probably tested out lots of automated systems on Metatrader, played with moving averages, MACD lines, Bollinger bands, support & resistance, Pivots, Divergence, DMI, ADX, and a hundred other things all in the vain hope of finding that elusive Forex Holy Grail – the very best Forex strategy that is a surefire winner.

Have you found yourself chasing losing trades and even adding to them because you were so sure you’re right? Did you find something that worked a little while in the market but now it rarely works? We know why.

Maybe you’ve found a strategy that worked, and once you started to trust it, the market did a U-turn. This happened to me until I learned the secret! The Gator Bounce was my Golden Strategy. I traded it all the time but it was based on the market moving a certain amount each day. When the market changed, the strategy stopped working. In essence, the Gator Bounce was a fad — not based on market fundamentals.

I Burned Through Lots of Cash on My Quest for the Forex Holy Grail

I remember what it was like to be a green, wet-behind-the-ears, wanna-be trader. I spent thousands of dollars traveling around the country taking various Forex Training Courses, all promising that it was all I needed to make it big. Every day I poured over every trading manual, book, online site, and blog searching for the best trading strategies I could find.

I can’t believe the amount of time and money I wasted! – but I vowed that when I finally found success, I would help others avoid the very pitfalls I stumbled into along the way.

To solve this problem, I formed the Mastermind Trading Club. I found and trained several people who had what it took to be successful Forex traders. We’ve been meeting weekly for several years and have found what works and what doesn’t.
As a group…

We were determined to find fad-free strategies.

To avoid “fad strategies”, our online trading club knew we had to focus on the foundational elements of the Forex Market. We isolated the fad-proof tools that dictate underlying market movements. Then we built strategies that ALWAYS worked — fad-free.

I don’t mean they’re 100% accurate — no trading strategy is. But they are profitable strategies if you’re trading on probabilities. If you trade one of these strategies 10 times in a row, you will be ahead of the game.

To find the strategies our club would use, we outlined the 3 things that make a winning strategy:

  • They had to be based on the fundamental elements of the market.
  • They had to win more often than they lost, and
  • The wins had to be consistently larger than the losses.

We were hoping we could find some strategies that matched all three.

Sound Impossible?

It Was. All we could find was the same failing strategies you’ve already been using!

What we realized was that we had to build winning strategies ourselves!

We discovered that professional traders don’t use many of the “lagging indicators” and tools that so many “average-Joe” traders use today. Using them actually sets you up to compete against the pro’s.

We knew that trading against the pro’s was suicide, and our best chance for success would be to create strategies that allowed us to trade alongside them.

Over the past several years we’ve created four proven strategies that fit the bill. Since then, we’ve proven them in action. They work. Our Club members currently use them all to consistently earn thousands of dollars (and millions of Yen).

From: Gary W.

Investment Coach

“Jared has been a friend and colleague for over 3 years. He has a passion to share his mastery of the Forex market with anyone remotely interested. He is positive and uplifting to everyone he interacts with.

“I have learned and made money from many of Jared’s trade strategies. I have also made money from attending his weekly trading club.

“If you want to learn this market you will not find a better mentor/coach/friend. Take the chance to find that out for yourself.”

Gary W.
Heber City

Here’s What You Get

  • The instant you buy access to our 4 top Forex strategies, you will enjoy these benefits:
  • HD Strategy Videos, These aren’t some cheap YouTube videos that you can’t see very well. You can watch these babies in full-screen and Hi-Def.
  • Accompanying Trading Guide . Each strategy comes with a detailed trading guide that explains exactly how to place the trade — when to get in — when to get out. It details exactly how our club trades them.
  • Immediate Access – You don’t have to wait for someone to ship you some DVDs from Chumbawumba – you can view them today.
  • These Work! – It’s like rolling dice that are loaded in your favor – all you have to do is keep rolling, probability says you WILL win out.
  • More Time – Spend a lot less time searching for new strategies – so you have more time for trading winners or other things you enjoy.
  • Regain the Excitement – This will re-spark your excitement about trading Forex. We bet you’ll even start telling your spouse about your trades again!

From: Andy Lindquist

Roofing Contractor

“I have been trading now for over a year reading and listening to many different Forex experts. Jared Passey is the most knowledgeable and the smartest when it comes to the Forex market. His recorded videos are very insightful, helpful, and easy to understand. His generosity of his time and knowledge is also very impressive.”

Andy Lindquist
Salt Lake City

(If you ever get a chance, ask Andy how many times his trading account has been multiplied since he joined our club)

Now here’s the good news:

We’re going to practically GIVE these 4 strategies to you.

(Have We Skipped Our Meds?)

Nope! We just figured out that if we sell you our very best strategies at a huge discount, and if you can make money using them, then we know you may have the right stuff to join our Mastermind Trading Club and contribute to the success of the group.

We are building a strong community of skilled Forex traders who understand this stuff — as we trade together, we all succeed.

They Cost Less Than What You Probably Lost On Your Last Failed Trade

So my marketing guru looked at all I was offering and told me that I should sell each strategy for $249 to be competitive. I thought about it and remembered that I wasn’t really doing this to make money, I trade Forex very well, but what I really want is more truly successful traders in my Mastermind club each week to share that with.

I actually believe in that old adage: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want” (Zig Ziglar).

So here it is, this whole deal for the bargain price of only $97!

If you can’t scrape together $97 for our 4 best strategies, then why are you even involved in Forex at all? Sell your blood if you have to! or (Heaven forbid!) haul that expensive old exercise bike gathering dust in the garage down to the pawn shop!

Get Access Now to Our Club’s Top 4 Forex Strategies

Immediately after you complete your purchase I will rush your password granting you access to the Hot Strategies Section of our Forex Video Vault. Your $97 gets you complete access for an entire year.

But, I can only extend this introductory offer to 25 new members. Since I am offering one-on-one coaching (see bonus #1 below), I can’t leave the doors open for too much longer.

By the way, you should know that with your $97 you also get these two power-packed bonuses:

Bonus #1
30 Minute, Live, One-on-One Online Coaching Session

Once you’ve had time to review the strategies, I’ll sit down with you one-on-one online and answer any questions to clarify or coach you through trading our awesome strategies.

Our session will be packed with valuable advice that you can profit from immediately. For 30 minutes, you get to pummel me with every question that you can think of. I will show you every chart that you desire and I will give you my current, uncensored opinion on any pair opportunity.

This time with me is easily worth 12x the cost of our 4 best FX trading strategies.

In fact, I am limiting this One-Time-Only Bonus to the first 25 people to sign-up. I’m keeping the group small because I want to be completely focused on your questions. I simply can’t do this with thousands of people. So get in now before someone fills your spot!

Bonus #2:
Free Trial Membership in Our Exclusive Mastermind Trading Club (As An Observer)

One of the best things you can do in trading the Forex market
is to trade with a group of trusted peers. This helps you:

Avoid the emotional decisions that currently plague your trading,
Find new strategies and test them a lot more effectively,
Learn better because it’s a collaborative effort, and
Recognize good trading opportunities throughout the week.
Besides, it’s just more fun.

The good news is that you will get a 30-day Observer’s Pass to the Mastermind Club. You get to be the fly-on-the-wall that soaks up everything you hear. I’ll send you the club schedule as soon as you sign up.

Later, if you prove yourself, we’ll invite you to be a full participant.

From: Ross Cheesman, DMD

Retired Dentist

“I am in constant awe and respect of the level of knowledge and discipline you have attained…. Your patient yet firm encouragement was always the push I needed to continue with my trading.

“I am encouraging several of my friends to join us at the weekly club meetings, which are very interesting, informative, and motivating.

“Thanks for your help and encouragement.”

Ross Cheesman, DMD

My 120% Money Back Guarantee Makes This a Risk-Free Deal for You.

(And it’s why my Mastermind thinks this Guarantee will Bankrupt Me)

You’re smart and tough as nails. Forex trading attracts a special breed of investor – the type that can smell B.S. a mile away. So, I know that my offer to you isn’t the only Forex Trading System on the market. I get that.

Try these strategies out for 30 days on a demo account and if you’re not convinced that you’ll be a better trader using them, then we’ll give you all your money back, plus 20 bucks.

Here’s why I can make such an outlandish but serious guarantee –

My past students have made money immediately after implementing just one of our top trading strategies.

From: Mark Ishii

“Jared, you are an amazing trainer. You’re the first financial trainer I have worked with that is more interested in my success than my money. I think this comes out best in your patience and willingness to work with us until we get it right. It’s a real pleasure to work with you.”

Mark Ishii

What Are You Waiting For?

“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.” – Wayne Gretzky

“Procrastination stalks, drags down, and kills many dreams. Delaying now just postpones the day when you can write your own ticket, control your own schedule and live life on your own terms.” – Jared Passey

“Yes! Give Me Instant Access To Your 4 Top Forex Strategies Now!”

I understand that for my $97 I’ll get instant access to the 4 Top Forex Trading Stategies Hi-def videos & their respective Trading Guides PLUS One-on-One strategy coaching AND a Free Trial Membership to Jared’s Mastermind Trading Club.

I further understand that if I test these strategies out for 30 days on a demo account and I’m not convinced that I’ll be a better trader using them, then Jared will refund all my money, plus 20 bucks. (How could I lose?)

PS. In review, here’s a summary of the offer:

Instant access to Jared’s 4 Top Forex Trading Stategies Hi-def videos and their respective Trading Guides in PDF format.

These 4 strategies are based on the fundamental elements of the Forex marketplace, that (in the experience of Jared’s Mastermind Trading Club) these strategies win more often than they lose, and that their wins are consistently larger than their losses.

Two bonuses:

  1. One 30-minute live one-on-one online coaching session to help me implement these strategies
  2. A 30-day Free Trial Membership as an observer in Jared’s exclusive Mastermind Trading Club.

PLUS: A 120% Money-Back Guarantee.